Ida picked up, where my doctors left off… I really didn’t know what a Health Coach was until I met Ida. At 60 I thought I’d seen it all. I was struggling with multiple chronic health issues, which my doctors were attempting to tackle one at a time. Ida looked at all of them holistically, and set me on the right course, physically, mentally & spiritually. Her continued advice from checking on what I’m buying at the grocery store to exercise and activities, makes her my “go-to” person before I contact my doctors. Ida will be the first person to tell you to go see the doctor when you need one, but for all the times you don’t, she is my first line of defense in battling chronic illness. Thank-you Ida! You are the BEST!  Margaret S.                                                                       

Ida Tse is AMAZING!  She has been helping me with everything – nutrition, mental health, and physical health.  For the first time in 6 months I am starting to see marked improvements in my lab work thanks to the changes she has suggested me.  My oncologist (primary cancer doctor) has approved my continued working with Ms. Tse.  I feel and look so much healthier.  Ms. Tse is patient, and thorough –and most of all, brutally honest.  I trust her guidance.  I highly recommend her.  I will continue working with her even after we get my body into remission (no one ever thought I’d be able to hope for that).  


Ps: As of December 2019, LB was told by her doctors that she is cancer free.

Ms. Tse gave me the best help and guidance.  My skin is clear and healthy.  She has taught me how to eat well so that I won’t get fat, and I’m not hungry!  I’m so glad my mother asked her to work with me.  I know I can ask her about anything and she will give me good advice.