What is A Health Coach?

A trained health professional who helps you plan and achieve your health wellness goals. It could be preventative plans such as to eat healthier by making better food choices and eat more balanced diet. It could be an enhancement plan to build immunity toward  existing  chronic or serious diseases. In the end, a health coach helps you to maintain the goals you have achieved. More or less, what  I do as a health coach are as follows:

I am ...


Your Mentor

 I will listen, support,  inspire, motivate and guide you through your health and wellness journey, starting from creating the plan together and only do the ones you are comfortably willing to undertake. Overcome barriers as we come across them, physically or emotionally. 


Your Teacher

I will educate you  throughout your personal health journey with science sound trusted information so that one day you can be self-reliant in continuing on with your healthy lifestyle.


Your Confidant

I am a person you can trust and genuinely have interest in helping you, with a holistic approach to achieve your health and wellness goals. My focus is to enhance, preserve and maintain your health, and prevent illness.  

Do you recommend supplements?

I am not a doctor so I don't make recommendations. I have extensive knowledge in vitamins, minerals, herbal, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils. I can explain the differences between different brands and different products. I love educating my clients to empower them to make decisions for themselves based on knowledge and facts. This way I have no specific brand preference and my clients do not feel pressured to buy any specific products.

How many sessions will I need?

Health and wellness is a journey  not a destination. Whatever health problems you may have didn't happen overnight. Our body is very resilient so it takes a lot for it to "scream" for help to the point  that you feel any pain or discomfort. However, by changing certain habits and lifestyle, not only will your body begin to heal, it will thrive. In order to achieve this result, a process has to start, be sustained, and finally maintained. Don't worry though as I believe in baby steps for lasting results. I won't make any suggestion if you are not ready for it. With that being said, how many sessions you need? It depends on two things. Your understanding of health and wellness and your willingness to OWN it.

Do you offer a trial session?

No, because  in the first session  is an assessment where we establish our goals and structure the path we will take toward achieving your goals. Typically, after the first session you may not see immediate results but you will walk out of it with your eyes opened and be very inspired  for the upcoming changes in your life. What I do offer is an introductory UNRAVELING which can give us up to 30 minutes to see if we are the right fit for each other.

How do you interact with your clients?

I interact with my clients through secure video chat, email, phone call and text. Technology has allowed me to work with clients nationwide and even globally!  I do on occasion see my clients face to face if time and location are doable. 

How do you offer your sessions?

I offer my sessions in a package of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Which package you should choose will be suggested to you after your free Unraveling Session which allows me to have a better understanding of your health concerns and goals.

What do I need to do to be your client?

For best results I need complete honesty, commitment, and communication. Honesty is important because everything in life is connected. If anything is held back, I cannot help you to the very best of my ability. Trust is the key here. You need to be committed to make the life changes needed to meet your goals. Some are harder than others and this is why I use a "baby step" approach when needed. Only through open communication can I know if things are working for you or if other factors are affecting your progress. As your health coach I work with your doctors to help you on your journey. I usually suggest  to have a physical exam if you haven't done it within a year and I need a copy of the lab work. I like to be very thorough. I am not a typical health coach as I have a very wide and deep ranges of knowledge in health and wellness throughout the years. There will a Health Form that you need to fill out as well. However, we can start working together while we are waiting for your test results.

How do you keep track my progress?

I use a software that enables you to  have access to your own record, much like medical  record that your doctor keeps. You can download the app and you can access it 24/7! You will be able to schedule your appointment, send message or text to me, make payments, see my notes or articles that can support your progress, and much more. I always try to make things easy for us both, less hassle and fuss free.